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Friday, June 16, 2006

The triple threat

The Triple play. What are the odds? During the 2000s, the chances of seeing a triple play in a given inning has been less than 1 in 10,000. That's about the same odds as an asteroid hitting the earth. It's also about the same odds as you catching AIDS by having PV intercourse with someone of unknown AIDS status who's got purple needle marks up and down their arms.

And yet, despite the near impossibility of an asteroid strike or one of our team members contracting AIDS, we somehow managed to get caught in a Triple Play. It was a sight to behold. Congrats to all who participated. You have something to remember for the rest of your softball career. Although, to be fair that ump should've made it more clear that he saw the guy catch the ball. Isn't there some rule that says mutes can't be umpires? Perhaps there's a rule that says joggling isn't allowed in a marathon. Stupid rules!

We actually played a pretty good game last week. We plated 2 runs in the first inning even though we had 2 outs and then we got 4 in the third inning again with 2 outs. After three, we were ahead 6 to 2 and it looked like were finally going to win one.

Alas, we came undone in the fourth inning. They blasted a barrage of hits that made us feel like a Londoner on September 15, 1940. When the bloodbath was over they scored 11 times to put us in a hole 6 - 13. It was a bit like watching the Cubs play the Tigers. We even pulled a Cubs classic by walking a guy with the bases loaded.

But despite a dazzling double play turned by our shortcenter, shortstop and first baseman, and our best offensive output of the season, it wasn't enough. We ended up losing 11-16. Dam!

Tonight we have a 7:45 game. Unfortunately, I'm enjoying sunny weather, copious amounts of booze and some southern hospitality here in South Carolina so I won't be able to attend. Please let Jim P. know if you'll be there.

Now go out there and kick some ass. We'll eventually win one of these games. Why not make it tonight's?


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