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Friday, May 26, 2006

Close but no cigar - Game 5/24/06

Our defense last week really shaped up. The outfield was stellar with Allen, Mike and Ron each making some acrobatic grabs of the screaming liners launched their way. Joey V and Jim G connected with a half dozen put-outs and the Grey Goons were stymied most of the night.

On the offensive side we had are most prolific output yet. We bagged 2 runs in the first, exploded for 5 in the second, and plated 4 more to finish the game with 11. Unfortunately, the Grey Goons moved across 12 so we lost by one. A heartbreaking loss to a team we could’ve beaten.

And that was one of the most encouraging things about the game. For the first time in this rookie coach’s career, it looked like we could actually be competitive. No longer are we the tiny Davids in a league full of towering Goliaths. No longer are we the Plutos in a solar system of Jupiters. We’re not planarian in a pond rife with trout.

We are the mighty pillars of Tria Architecture. And the rest of these bush-league hacks are in for an unpleasant surprise.


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