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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Game 1 - The Redcoats Are Coming!

Well team, the night started off so promising. We looked sharp in our brand new jerseys designed by Tria client Eich's Sports.

The other team looked like a bunch of plump tomatoes. Who the hell told them they looked good in red?

We had 13 of the mighty Tria Architecture Softballing Crew show, and we needed everyone of them. The redcoats launched a barrage of blasts in the first inning that would've caused the fleet of even the great John Paul Jones to buckle. The first eight men walked up to the plate and proceeded to hit left and right and center and all over the dam field. Our heads were spinning and we were only 10 minutes into the game. The inning mercifully came to an end but not before they had 6 more hits and scored 4 more runs. The start was brutal.

Our second time at bat proved more fruitful with Brian F knocking in the first RBI of the season. First bagger, Jim G, legged out a single, was moved over by Joey V, and Brian's fielder's choice got us on the board. A hit and a couple fly balls later made the score 1-12. The Redcoats were worried.

Sure they got back the run in the next inning, but it was only one! We held those bastards down like Ethan Allen did at Fort Ticondaroga. And they barely squeaked across another run for the next three innings. Our defense was holding!

The offense on the other hand was a bit weak. A lazy hit here and there but not much to write about. We were shooting arrows at steel lined tanks. It was futile. Hell, we were making the Cubs offense look good.

In the end, the Redcoats blasted through our defenses once again plating another 9 runs to win the game 2-21. What can I say, it wasn't good.

But there were some bright spots. Joe V, the slick fielding short stop made some dazzling plays. And Jim G was a regular backstop over there at first, picking off everything thrown at him. The outfielders made a couple of great grabs and how can we forget the artful pitching of Jim P.

On offense Mike L got a hit every chance he could and so did Ron M. Most everyone else kept their average at .500 so things aren't all bad. Next game we'll have more chances and really crank up that score.

That game will be this Thursday, May 11th at 7:45pm. Please let Jim P know if you are going to be there or not. Unfortunately, nuptual obligations require that I miss this one. General manager Jim P. will have the lineup so look to him for your position.

Good luck team. We'll get those blasted Redcoats in the playoffs!

PS. Thanks to all our great fans who came out to cheer us on.


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