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Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 7 game wrap-up

What can I say? This is shaping up to be a tough season. We played 2 games last week and didn’t fare well in either. In the first game we held our opponents to a mere 17 runs. And most of these were scored in just a couple of the innings. It was actually a game through the first three innings. Then somehow the wheels fell off. It was as if numen himself was conspiring against us.

The hands of our normally sure-handed outfield suddenly turned igneous. Balls were going through their metacarpi more often than flashes bouncing off little Shiloh Pitt. Just like those gratuitous shots, it was painful to see. The infield stopped most balls but the opponents were apparently infused with the speed force outrunning many more than they should have.

Our offense showed a little spark in the second inning with 4 hits and 2 runs. The game was actually close. We scored another 3 in the 4th inning to tighten the gap to about 8-5. Then our opponents shelled us with 9 more runs, putting the thing out of reach. Our great plays were overshadowed by some really lucky opponents. It seemed every ball they hit landed exactly where we weren’t. Go figure.

The second game was a joke. I for one am prepared to protest. Who the hell in their right mind would restart a game called on account of rain where it left off? No where in the official rules of softball could I find anything about restarting a game where you left off. Ridiculous!!

Is it any wonder that we ended up losing when we had to start down 13-1? It was an outrage! We was robbed. We are going to remember this come playoff time.

It is good to know that while the games themselves were tough losses, the trip to the bar was anything but. For those who went, there was lots to learn. Did you know that Arabs have connections? True story. Just don’t try to buy a car from them. I never really caught why, it just sounded like a bad idea. And for those of you ordering chicken, don’t ask the waitress if her breasts are breaded. They are. Finally, if you’re tired of dating alcoholics, strippers and tight-jeaned waitresses, you might consider dating dudes. At least that was the contention of one recent college grad, who incidentally is looking for a job.

Congratulations to this week’s offensive player of the week Tom Szurgot. He went 4 for 4 and scored 3 runs in the two games. We just might have to move him to the clean-up spot next week.

That’s it for now. See you all tomorrow. And let’s make tomorrow the first win of the season.


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